Who We Are

Eagle Academy for Young Men of Southeast Queens

Traditional school settings across the country are failing to meet the needs of the urban Black and Latino young men. While other groups are currently experiencing remarkable gains in both high school and college graduation rates, young men of color continue to struggle. Currently, Black and Latino males rank highest in the number of students with low GPA's, high suspension and expulsion rates, poor standardized test performance, and high rates of placement in special education programs. These findings hold especially true for Black and Latino young men during their middle and high school years. Any solutions to this crisis has eluded communities across the country for decades. The Eagle Academy movement was created in 2004 to address this current epidemic. Conceived by the One Hundred Black Men Inc., the Eagle Academy for Young Men is a symbol of positive change and hope for young men of color in our communities. 

Eagle Southeast Queens was approved to open by the Department of Education in 2010 as the third school in the Eagle movement. Eagle Southeast Queens strives to create a learning environment that will enable Eagle Scholars to be both globally conscious and globally competitive. we have created academic and social structures that support the healthy development of our young men throughout their seven-year experience at our 6 - 12 school model. Our school culture of mentorship and shared  responsibility is supported throughout all of our systems and practices. 

While at Eagle, our scholars will compete a challenging and rigorous curriculum that will support their development as future leaders. What truly sets Eagle apart from other schools is our unwavering commitment as educators. Eagle educators understand and embrace challenges of teaching our unique population. Our educators take strategic risks that are grounded in research based practices. 

Our young men also take an . active role in ensuring their own success and providing evidence of their academic and social proficiency. They do this by exhibiting the 5 Core Values of Eagle Queens : Confidence, Leadership, Effort, Academic Excellence and Resilience. Eagle is more than a school. We are family: a family dedicated to ensuring that all of our boys reach their full potential.